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    Are you: ReadyHempfield?


    Do you know what to do to help keep your family or employees safe in an emergency? Would you know what supplies you need in case the power goes out or what documents you should have on hand if you need to evacuate your home or business? The best defense during a disaster is knowing what to do.

    From flooding to wildfires, emergency preparedness begins with these simple actions: Prepare, Plan. Stay Informed, and Get Involved.

    During a severe emergency or disaster local emergency services may become overwhelmed.  If you are able to help yourself and family, you will be asked to do so to permit emergency crews to focus on those who are unable to help themselves. Additionally, emergency responders may not be able to get to your location due to unsafe conditions, roads, or other hazards.


    ReadyHempfield is a community awareness campaign sponsored by the Hempfield Township Emergency Management Agency (HEMA).  All Hempfield Township residents, businesses, and visitors are encouraged to be ready for all types of emergencies and to take the necessary steps to be informed and prepared for an emergency situation.  While we never wish for any emergency or disaster, we must be ready for when they do occur.  Many times without any or little warning. This action is particularly important for older persons and those with special needs who depend on caretakers and outside organizations for assistance with day-to-day living.

    By becoming ReadyHempfield, you should have the supplies you (and your family) will need for at least three days, preferably a week.

    For more information or questions, you may contact us at

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